Distribution and visibility

Synergies is the only Canada-wide distribution platform for scholarly publications and actively contributes to the dissemination of university research by offering privileged access to several types of documents, including journals, books, proceedings, theses, and other research data.

Highest academic and editorial standards

Synergies has been developed in close collaboration with the academic milieu to meet the specific needs of the humanities and social sciences academic community, providing researchers with a superior framework recognized by peers. Publications meet the eligibility criteria of Synergies’ five regional partner editorial boards.

Professional digital publishing services

  • production and distribution of journals, books, proceedings, theses, dissertations, and other research data in various digital formats (XML, PDF, XHTML)

  • long-term preservation of documents

  • permanent referencing of URLs

  • database indexing and specialized tools (ABC-Clio, Francis, CurrentContent, PubMed, Repères, Google Scholar, etc.).

User-friendly consultation of digital collections

  • Bilingual search interface (French and English)

  • Powerful search engine (document type, year, author, title, keyword, ISSN, ISBN, etc.)

  • Search filters based on several criteria (document type, collection, language, author)

  • Export of search results (HTML, plain text, XML, Endnote, Refworks, e-mail)

  • RSS feeds

  • Z39.50 queries

  • OAI and referencing service

  • Alerts and favorites (coming soon)

  • Georeferencing for creating research networks (coming soon)

Availability of documents and data

Documents and research data aggregated by Synergies are available to researchers working in fields as diverse as bibliometrics, scientometrics, media studies, the sociology of knowledge, and scientific communication studies. Content of selected articles can now be exported in XML format. This function is available through the search interface’s basket feature.

Publishing with Synergies

Synergies is a dissemination portal aggregating the digital collections produced and hosted by its five regional partner universities (Université de Montréal, University of New Brunswick, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, and Simon Fraser University). Editorial policies, and processing and distribution procedures, vary from one regional partner to another according to publication type.

Submitting a journal article

Academic articles disseminated by regional partners are previously published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Articles must be submitted to individual journal publishers, whose contact information is listed in the section "About this journal."

Publication of books, proceedings, theses, and documents and data

The publishing and editing of books, proceedings, theses, dissertations, and documents and data vary according to the editorial policies of each regional partner. To learn more about the policies of your region, please contact the following institutions:

Distribution list

To receive up-to-date information on our collections and new features, you can subscribe to the Synergies mailing list by sending your e-mail to the following address:

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